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Meet the Escapist

Timeless Travel Steps | Travel and Culture blog | Georgina Daniel

Hi, Welcome to Timeless Travel Steps.

I’m Georgina, a traveller Mum of two and now an empty-nester, the founder of Timeless Travel Steps. I seek stories, off-beat things to do, adore the culture and food of a region, while embracing comfort and slow travel as a responsible traveller in the off-season.

I share my solo boomer travel steps and strive to inspire you with itineraries, practical information and useful tips, so you can explore by yourself, and create your timeless steps. Here you can read more About Me. 

About Timeless Travel Steps, briefly

Timeless Travel Steps is a blog about travel destinations in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia. Curated by Georgina, Timeless Travel Steps features a wide range of destination guides, essential tips to make your holidays better, and recommendations for quintessential journeys by train along with all-in-one vacation packages.

The core of Timeless Travel Steps is centred upon Responsible Travel, Slow and Comfort Travel along with Off-Seasonal Travel.

Alongside these key features are travel stories about the people and culture of a destination including cultural celebrations and food & drinks to better appreciate our travel experiences. Some travel experiences include brief descriptions of history relating to the destination visited to add value to the spotlight of places visited. Therefore, Timeless Travel Steps is an efficient one-stop resource to curate and embrace your very own timeless travel steps for timeless memories.

Go here to learn more about Georgina’s take on Comfort Travel, Off-Seasonal Travel, Slow and Responsible Travel.

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