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Hello! Welcome to Timeless Travel Steps! I’m Georgina, the curator of this blog. I adore autumn and shoulder seasons, escaping momentarily to recharge my soul. Slow travel is my mantra, embracing comfort while responsibly exploring destinations, cultures and people. My blog unfolds destination itineraries, essential tips, and the delightful fusion of food and culture, to inspire you to turn your travel aspirations into reality.

Allow me to be your travel companion. Let’s discover hidden gems and beautiful destinations responsibly, while enriching our lives with unforgettable experiences. Our beautiful planet earth awaits…

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About the Blog

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The blog, Timeless Travel Steps (TTS) focuses on female solo travel mainly in the UK, Europe, and Asia along with some stories in North America. The heart of the blog revolves around three main themes: Responsible Travel, Slow and Comfort Travel, with travels mainly during the off-season. Alongside these and throughout the blog, you’ll find travel experiences enriched with concise historical descriptions, enhancing the spotlight on the places visited.

TTS aims to be the ultimate one-stop resource, guiding readers to create their own timeless memories through curated travel steps. TTS caters to all travel enthusiasts, regardless of age or background. It is particularly well-suited for discerning travellers who value responsible practices, enjoy a leisurely pace of exploration, and appreciate a touch of comfort during their journeys.