Tours of Parks and Gardens in London

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Tours of Parks and Gardens in London

From the evergreen sweeping slopes of Primrose Hill and the exotic Rose Garden at Regent’s Park to the hidden gems of the royal gardens of Kensington Palace, London is a city that offers fine vast Royal Parks and exquisite green spaces as a welcome break from the busy city. Here is a selection of them and ways to explore these spaces through tours of parks and gardens in London.

Kensington Palace Gardens

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Kensington Palace: Flowers in the Sunken Garden

Kensington Palace Gardens is a hidden gem! This beautiful garden is located next to Kensington Palace. best experienced in spring and summer, although the coolness of the autumn chill has its own charm. Visit Kensington Palace and the Gardens on a combined ticket.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the largest and the most popular of green spaces in the City of London. It is home to famous landmarks such as the Albert Memorial, Serpentine Lake, and the Speaker’s Corner. It’s tree-lined avenues and winding walkways makes a great escape to wind-down your day. This is one place where the changing seasons are best noted, with snowdrops, daffodils and crocuses in early spring to summer and fallen golden, brown honey-coloured leaves in autumn/fall.

Green Park

Tours of Parks and Gardens in London
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Autumn | Buckingham Palace Gardens | georgina_daniel

Nestled between Hyde Park to the west and St James’ Park to the east, Green Park spans nineteen hectares (forty seven acres). It makes a splendid stop for a breather after visiting the nearby landmarks. The popular landmarks here which attracts the most visitors is Buckingham Palace, Wellington Arch, and Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace.

St James’ Park

St James’ Park is another spot for sightseeing break. Nearby attractions not to be missed are Birdcage Walk, Buckingham Palace, and the Horse Guards Parade.

Kew Gardens

Christmas at Kew 2018 | Tours of Parks and Gardens in London
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Christmas at Kew London | 2018 | Photo by georgina_daniel

Kew Gardens is a haven for nature lovers! This one hundred thirty two hectare (three hundred twenty-six acres) is home to flora and fauna from around the globe. Pristine flower beds, exotic flowers, Victorian glasshouses and their winter spectacular makes Kew a perfect destination throughout the year.

Ways to explore the green spaces in London | Tours of Parks and Gardens in London

Enjoy a full day out at Kew Gardens and Explore London’s largest UNESCO World Heritage Site. Experience the exotic rainforest in the Palm House and take a walk in the treetops, 18 meters above ground level. Learn about the extraordinary life of bees at The Hive while also admire a collection of over 14’000 trees at the Arboretum

The tour begins in the heart of London and is designed for garden lovers and lovers of flowers. A full-day tour of some of London’s best-kept garden secrets goes beyond the usual tourist haunts of the capital.

Enjoy a guided tour of the palace’s gardens, walk around the beautiful grounds where you will be given interesting insights into the history of the royal family and Britain’s most beloved drink: tea. 

NB: Entry to Kensington Palace is not included

This is one of the best tours to go on when in London. Explore London’s top 30 landmarks on a walking tour of the city and finish the day with a visit to the birthplace of Queen Victoria, Kensington Palace. Head to Buckingham Palace where you can watch the famous Changing of the Guards ceremony. Afterwards, marvel at the architecture of Westminster Abbey, peer into Downing Street and visit the bustling Trafalgar Square. Journey past historical Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and then onto London Bridge to visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, The Shard, HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge, The London Eye, and the Tower of London. Lastly, head to Kensington Palace, which has been home to several young royals over the last 300 years. Walk in the footsteps of royalty in Victoria’s re-imagined childhood rooms and the magnificent King’s State Apartments. Afterward, enjoy a stroll through the famous Sunken Garden.

This is a walking tour. Please use appropriate footwear.

Includes entrance to Kensington Palace

More ways to discover London | Tours of parks and gardens in London

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Tours of Parks and gardens of London
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Tours of Parks and gardens of London
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