Edinburgh City Quotes and Captions | Awesome 18 to Grow Instagram

18 Awesome Edinburgh City Quotes and Captions to Grow Instagram

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Update: May 22, 2022

With a stunning skyline, amazing architecture, plenty of Scottish culture and home to enchanting tales, Edinburgh is a destination that will sweep you off your feet in no time! Needless to say she is an unmissable European city for travellers. While you embrace this colourful city, and all the splendidness she offers, you may write fascinating stories to capture the here and now. To inspire your journey, here are 18 of the very best Edinburgh City quotes and captions to grow Instagram on this city of dreams.

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18 Awesome Edinburgh City Quotes and Captions to Grow Instagram

Edinburgh City Quotes

I begin this post with an enchanting quote by Queen Victoria who described the beautiful city Edinburgh perfectly.

1 | “The view of Edinburgh from the road before you enter Leith is quite enchanting; it is, as Albert said, fairy-like and what you would only imagine as a thing to dream of, or to see in a picture.” — Queen Victoria in her Journal 1842.

This was Her first visit to Edinburgh, and Queen Victoria described how captivating and charming the city was, the views of the Castle and Carlton Hill in her Journal.

Read an extract from Queen Victoria’s archives > queenvictoriasjournals

I do believe Edinburgh has not lost its charm to this day.

2 | “Edinburgh isn’t so much a city, more a way of life… I doubt I’ll ever tire of exploring Edinburgh, on foot or in print.” — Ian Rankin, Author

Ian Rankin began his writing career in the 1980s when he was pursuing Literature at University of Edinburgh. He authored the series of novels on Inspector Rebus. Some of the most popular books are set in the city of Edinburgh.

Awesome Quotes and Captions to Grow Instagram

Edinburgh city quotes and captions for Instagram
Awesome Edinburgh City Quotes and Captions to Grow Instagram

3 | “This is a city of shifting light, of changing skies, of sudden vistas. A city so beautiful it breaks the heart again and again.” — Alexander McCall Smith, Author

An incredible vista awaits if you choose to explore The Royal Mile — one of the many picturesque streets in Edinburgh

4 | “I always feel that when I come to Edinburgh, in many ways I am coming home.” — Alan Rickman, British Actor

This quote from Alan Rickman, much loved late British actor sums up Edinburgh best – a homely city. Unsurprising this is what most may feel about the city when visiting many of Edinburgh’s festivals.

5 | “The Scots think of it as their capital; they’re too possessive, Edinburgh belongs to the world.” — Richard Demarco, Artist

Born in Edinburgh, Demarco is an artist and a promoter of visual and performing arts. He sums up the international feel of cultural events such as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Edinburgh International Festival

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More…Edinburgh City Quotes and Captions to Grow Instagram

Edinburgh city quotes and captions to grow Instagram
Edinburgh city quotes and captions to grow Instagram

6 | “Half a capital and half a country town, the whole city leads a double existence; it has long trances of the one and flashes of the other; like the king of the Black Isles, it is half alive and half a monumental marble.” — Robert Louis Stevenson

This quote, taken from Robert Louis Stevenson’s — Edinburgh: Picturesque Notes is complete with beautiful descriptions of old Edinburgh.

7 | “Edinburgh is a hitbed of genius.” — Tobias Smollett, Scottish Poet & Author

This quote refers to the many writers, philosophers scientists and academics that Edinburgh is proudly associated with, including David Hume, Adam Smith and Francis Hutcheson. From actors to poets, Edinburgh has left a lasting impression on many visitors.

8 | “It is quite lovely — bits of it.” — Oscar Wilde

This quote from Oscar Wilde clearly shows that he was not completely in love with Edinburgh! Nevertheless, he did give some approval to this charming city.

Beautiful Edinburgh City Quotes

Edinburgh City quotes and captions to grow Instagram
Edinburgh city quotes and captions to grow Instagram

9 | “But Edinburgh is a mad god’s dream.” — Hugh MacDiarmid, Poet & Writer

Hugh MacDiardmid was a prominent figure in the mid-20th century and an influential poet and writer. This quote sits on a plaque outside the Scottish Parliament along with other significant Scots.

10 | “Beautiful city of Edinburgh, most wonderful to be seen; with your ancient palace of Holyrood and Queen’s Park Green; and your big, magnificent, elegant New College; where people from all nations can be taught knowledge.” — William McGonagall, Poet

William McGonagall was a Scottish Poet of Irish descent, but he won a notoriety of being the worst poet in British history!

11 | “It seemed as if the rock and castle assumed a new aspect every time I looked at them; and Arthur’s Seat was perfect witchcraft. I don’t wonder that anyone residing in Edinburgh should write poetically.” — Washington Irving, Author

More…Awesome Edinburgh City Quotes and Captions to Grow Instagram

Edinburgh city quotes and captions to grow Instagram
Edinburgh city quotes and captions to grow Instagram

12 | “Piled deep and massy, close and high; Mine own romantic town.” — Sir Walter Scott

13 | “My dear Sir, do not think that I blaspheme when I tell you that your great London, as compared to Dun-Edin, ‘mine own romantic town’, is as prose compared to poetry, or as a great rumbling, rambling, heavy Epic compared to a Lyric, brief, bright, clear, and vital as a flash of lightning.” — Charlotte Bronte, Author

Charlotte Bronte writes in a letter and makes reference to the famous line from Marmion. She described that London and Edinburgh are two very different cities.

14 | “When I looked out in the morning it is as if I had waked in Utopia.” — George Eliot

George Eliot was one of the many authors inspired by the city after visiting Edinburgh.

Inspiring Edinburgh City Quotes and Captions

Edinburgh city quotes and captions to grow Instagram
Edinburgh city quotes and captions to grow Instagram

15 | “The most beautiful of all the capitals of Europe.” — Sir John Betjeman

Sir John Betjeman loved Victorian architecture. He was especially fond of Edinburgh’s traditional town houses. This quote is populary used to referenced the beautiful architecture and scenery of Edinburgh.

16 | “Coming back to Edinburgh is to me like coming home.” — Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens visited Edinburgh several times throughout his life.

17 | “And yet the place establishes an interest in people’s hearts; go where they will, they find no city of the same distinction.” — Robert Louis Stevenson

This is another beautiful Edinburgh city quotes that sums up the city’s uniqueness. Though he travelled around the globe, Stevenson never found a ‘home’ quite like Edinburgh.

Finally, I leave you with this wonderful quote from Alan Bold, a poet, biographer and a journalist. His words superbly describes what every traveller may feel after visiting this remarkable city.

18 | “There’s no leaving Edinburgh, No shifting it around; it stays with you, always.” — Alan Bold

Edinburgh City Quotes

Facts about Scotland


Population: Over 5.4 million (2020)

Common Language: English. Gaelic is spoken by 1.3% of the population mostly in the west and in the Highlands.

Currency: £ – Pound (GBP)

Capital City: Edinburgh. Home to the first fire brigade in the world, and is the second largest city in Scotland. The largest metropolis in Scotland is Glasgow .

High season: Summer (July – August)

Religion: Christianity – 40% Church of Scotland. 15% Roman Catholic and 6% other Christian denominations. Minorities include Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh with a quarter of the population has been recorded as having no religion.

Social courtesies: Handshaking is customary when introduced to someone for the first time. When visiting someone’s home, a small gift such as flowers or a box of chocolates is appreciated.

Scotland: Travel and Transport

Scotland: International Travel

UK Government: Foreign Travel Advice

UK Government: UK nationals travelling abroad

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quotes about Edinburgh | timelesstravelsteps.com
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quotes about Edinburgh | timelesstravelsteps.com


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