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England is a country in the United Kingdom, along with Wales in the west and Scotland in the North, separated from mainland Europe by the English Channel.

England is a great destination for a vacation for families, couples and solo travellers. There are some of the most beautiful and amazing places in England that is perfect for short breaks, weekend getaways and days out.

Exploring England is easy. England has one of the best transport systems in the world and the cities are conveniently connected by trains and roads. If you are planning a holiday to England, you can visit the official tourism board VisitEngland and/or the official tourism website of Great Britain, VisitBritain.

On this page, you will find the Best of England – about the beautiful and amazing places to visit, the people and culture along with the favourite food and drinks that you could experience in England.

England has a past. Thousands of years of history and how ordinary lives were altered over the years with the Roman invasion in AD 43. While every aspect of English history is amazingly interesting, these are not written about in this blog as it warrants a space of its own. What you shall encounter on this page and sprinkled throughout Timeless Travel Steps are stories. Stories related to a place or places, event or events that has shaped England to be the unique land that it is today. These stories are interesting, intriguing and at times unbelievable! However, the stories explain how the shift in the dynamics of power and religion had permanently shaped the English nation, and wider UK.

Sharing these stories and embedding them in an article designed for a visit is done with the aim that the history of Britain add value to your visit, thus an enhanced experience to be had.

Browse through this page at your own pace, read the stories, plan ahead and visit the places that most captivates you. England is a land deserving of time and attention – and I have only just begun to enjoy my discoveries of the best of England while I re-visit previous destinations and explore anew.

I share my experiences here of both old and new, in the hope that it may inspire you to visit also. Do return as I have so much more to share with you and this page will have more articles added from time to time. Subscribe to stay connected so you never miss an article.

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Beautiful and Amazing places to visit in Best of England

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Scenic Train Journeys

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