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“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.”

Giuseppe Verdi

Italy has an inexplainable charm that even Verdi was willing to give up everything for this amazing country. One of world’s best loved destinations, Italy captivates the heart and soul of every traveller in more ways than one. In this article on Italy a complete one-stop resource for travellers aims to bring you a platform where travel experiences are crafted with passion along with details to enable you to discover the most beautiful facets of destinations in Italy.

Italy – plays the music that fills your soul

Italy, an exotic land brimming with history, Roman ruins, best kept secrets, attractions, colours, food, passeggiata and so much more! Above all it’s rolling hills, ancients villas and the captivating sweet aroma of the grapes will fill your heart with music, taking you beyond the ordinary life with a little la dolce vita

People & Culture of Italy

Italy’s romance doesn’t just end there! The heart and soul of Italy are its people, one and all, welcoming you, greeting you with an unspoken sophistication of a nod and smile. Their hospitality goes further, much further when experiencing one of Italy’s dining pleasures where comfort is assured. Italian dining culture is popular around the world and it is so much more than just checked tablecloths, candles and wine.

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Food & the secret of simplicity in Italian ingredients

Italians are known to be lively, and passionate. They are passionate about life’s pleasures, food being the main amongst them. They are also creatures of tradition and habit. When it comes to food, they are happiest when things are done right. Cuisines go beyond   the simplicity of pizza and spaghetti, but simplicity is the underlying “ingredient” of Italian gastronomical delight. Preserving the simple authentic ingredients in Italian cooking through tradition and habit is an art deeply rooted in Italian culture. Recipes are passed down from one generation to the next, preserving these “secret” ingredients.

Geography of Italy

Italy is a peninsula that extends southward from the European continent into the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, there are two large islands, Sicily and Sardinia and many small islands as well. Nicknamed as “Bel Paese” which means beautiful country, Italy has some of the best, varied and beautiful landscapes on earth. With its unique boot-like shape, the Alps stand at the broad top, which are among the world’s most rugged mountains. At its highest points are Monte Rosa which peaks in Switzerland and along Mont Blanc which peaks in France. The west of the Alps overlook a landscape of Alpine lakes and glacier-carved valleys that stretches to the Po River and the Piedmont.

From the central Alps running down the length of Italy is the Apennine Range. The Apennine Range widens near Rome to cover almost the entire width of the Italian peninsula. South of Rome, the Apennines narrow giving way to two wide coastal plains. One of the plains face the Tyrrhenian Sea and the other the Adriatic Sea.

The southern Apennines is home to wilderness and rare species such as wild boars, wolves and bears – unusual in western Europe. There are several active volcanoes here as well. From time to time, Mt Vesuvius throws up ash and steam into the air over Naples. At the bottom of Italy, in the Mediterranean Sea lie the beautiful islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

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Best time to visit Italy

To be honest, any time of the year is the best time to visit Italy although spring (April through to June) and autumn (September to October) is popular for tourism.

Given that Italy has varying landscapes and weather that differs from region to region, along with a society that is deeply rooted in traditions, this beautiful country has something for everyone throughout the year. For a detailed month-by-month guide to weather, festivals and best time to visit Italy, navigate through the image below to the page that has all the information for you.

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Visa to visit Italy

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Italy is located in Europe and is a Member State of European Union/European Economic Area. It is a country with picturesque lakes and coastal towns, hidden cities and Roman ruins – a superb destination for a vacation. If you want to visit Italy solely for recreation purposes, you may need a tourist travel visa. Learn more from this introductory article to tourist travel visa to Italy or you may want to view your options with iVisa, an online platform dedicated to making your application for Visa and travel documents strees free.

Visit Italy

Visiting Italy is your chance to really get to know Italian natural landscape, its centuries of history, food, and through it, Italian people and their culture. Join me, as I explore this rich and famous land, one city at a time. bringing you valuable resources in travel and detailed city guides with tips and choices so you can design your holiday your way, embedding flexibility for your well-being.

The city guides encompasses individual articles for the best of the beaten track and hidden gems which you wouldn’t want to miss.

Fushimi Inari, Kyoto
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Best European Cities

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Italy A Complete One-Stop Resource for Travellers | Comprehensive City Guides

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Italy, one of world's best loved destinations has an inexplainable charm that will fill your heart with music and take you beyond the ordinary life with a little la dolce vita- A Complete one-stop resource to best time to visit | detailed City Guides | Things to do | Places to Stay | Milan | Verona | Lake District | People & Culture of Italy | Festivals in Italy and so much more. via @GGeorgina_timelesstravelsteps/
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