The Lamberti Tower, Verona: A Storied History and Vista Point

Nestled amidst the lively ambiance of Piazza delle Erbe, the heartbeat of Verona‘s vibrant city life, stands a monument that has witnessed centuries of stories unfold – the Lamberti Tower.

In a city that inspired tales of love, tragedy, and timeless romance, this iconic structure has its own narrative to share. As the tallest tower in the UNESCO listed City of Verona, the Lamberti Tower also known as Torre dei Lamberti in Italy reaches an impressive 84 meters, offering visitors breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views. Every twist and turn of Verona’s cobbled streets, every corner of its historic squares, and every silhouette of its age-old buildings can be seen from this vantage point. It’s more than just a sightseeing spot; it’s a window into Verona’s soul. So, if you’re ready to dive deep into the stories and vistas that make Verona so enchanting, there’s no better starting point than the Lamberti Tower.

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The Lamberti Tower Verona

Stepping into the Heart of Verona: The Majestic Lamberti Tower

In the midst of Verona, a city that pulsates with history, romance, and timeless charm, stands the commanding Lamberti Tower. With its impressive stature, this medieval marvel isn’t just another brick in the wall but a towering testament to Verona’s rich architectural lineage. As its stones whisper tales from centuries past, one can’t help but be transported back to a time when watchtowers were the sentinels of cities.

But the Lamberti Tower isn’t just about the bygone era. Positioned gracefully in the lively Piazza delle Erbe, it stands as a junction where the past meets the present. The square, a vibrant hub of daily life, brims with colourful market stalls, historic buildings, and buzzing cafes. Amidst this vivacity, the Lamberti Tower acts as a silent observer, a keeper of stories, making it an indispensable chapter in Verona’s grand narrative.

When in this romantic city, whether you’re retracing the steps of star-crossed lovers or simply wandering through its historic lanes, the Lamberti Tower beckons as a beacon, reminding you of Verona’s undying spirit and legacy.


For the best experience of Verona, consider these tips:

⭐ STAY at Due Torri Hotel, overlooking the historic centre and enjoy breakfast over sunrise or dinner over sunset from its large roof terrace.

⭐ BOOK Food Walking Tour: Eat your way through Verona, taste their famous wines and see the city’s highlights with a local guide; An all-round experience in one 3.5-hour tour.

⭐ See More! Go to the Dolomites or Sirmione + Lake Garda for a day and be completely awestruck by the scenic views. Transportation is provided so, just sit back, relax, and enjoy. After all, you’re on vacation.

⭐ Download the VERONA CITY PASS for free local transport, including entry to the Arena, Lamberti Tower and museums

_the Lamberti Tower at night lit up in blue. viewed from Piazza delle Erbe Verona views
In the evening, the Lamberti Tower is lit up and it seems almost extraordinarily beautiful against the dark skies.

A Tapestry of Time: The Lamberti Tower’s Historical Saga

The Lamberti Tower, standing tall at 84 meters today, didn’t always stretch its arms so wide towards the Veronese sky. Going back on its tapestry of time, we trace its foundations back to 1172, under the auspices of the influential Lamberti family. These 12th-century nobles envisioned a monument that would etch their legacy into the very fabric of Verona. The resultant architecture was a masterpiece, echoing the Romanesque era. With brickwork interlaced with tuff, its lower facade still resonates with those ancient design ethos.

Originally, this sentinel of Verona stood at a modest 37 meters, and it bore the distinction of being an integral part of the Palazzo del Consiglio. By 1295, the tower had been graced with two significant additions: the bells, Rengo and Marangona. This not only added melody to its stature but also a new moniker – “Torre delle Campane” or “The Tower of Bells.”

However, like all great stories, the tower had its share of trials. In 1403, nature’s fury manifested as a lightning bolt, ravaging its top. The aftermath ushered in a reconstruction period in 1448, spanning a painstaking 16 years. It was during this phase that the tower received its iconic octagonal bell chamber, a harmonious blend of brick and white marble. By the end of this era, it proudly stood at 84 meters. But, the Lamberti Tower’s evolution wasn’t quite done. The year 1779 saw it inherit a clock, replacing the erstwhile timekeeper of the nearby Torre Gardello.

Today, as we gaze up at the tower, we don’t just see a structure. We witness a canvas painted over 800 years, detailing architectural shifts, familial legacies, and Verona’s undying spirit. The Tower has been open to the public since 1972.

the Lamberti Tower ©
Lamberti Tower viewed from Piazza delle Erbe, Verona
closer look at the clock on Lamberti Tower Timeless Travel Steps
a closer look at the clock on Lamberti Tower, Verona

The Ascend to Awe: A Panoramic Adventure at Lamberti Tower

Your journey upwards within the Lamberti Tower promises to be as exhilarating as the views it offers. As you take your first step, you’re presented with two choices: the challenge of winding stairs that beckon the adventurous or the modern convenience of an elevator for those who prefer a swift ascent. Whichever path you choose, the anticipation builds with every level you climb.

Each floor of the tower unravels a new vista, a fresh perspective of Verona. Midway, the sprawl of Piazza delle Erbe unfolds like a lively tapestry of daily life, while higher up, the Adige River snakes gracefully around the historic cityscape. The terracotta rooftops seem to jostle for space, each telling its own centuries-old tale.

At its height, a reward awaits: a 360-degree panoramic view that leaves visitors spellbound. From this vantage point, the entirety of Verona stretches out beneath you, its landmarks like jewels embedded in a regal crown. There’s the majestic Verona Arena, the romantic whispers from Juliet’s Balcony, and the serene beauty of the Basilica of San Zeno. With the wind in your hair and the city at your feet, you truly comprehend Verona’s magic from the crowning glory of the Lamberti Tower. 

spiral staircase and bell at Lamberti Tower Verona views
spiral staircase and bell at the Lamberti Tower, Verona
the bells at the Lamberti Tower Verona views
two of the three historic bells at the Lamberti Tower, Verona

A Glimpse from Above: Reveling in Lamberti Tower’s Majesty

Every day, save for December 25th, the gates of Lamberti Tower welcome visitors into a world where history and panoramic beauty intertwine. As daylight casts its warm glow, you’re treated to a mesmerizing sea of terracotta roofs—a cascade of colours ranging from delicate hues to rich reddish-browns. Like a masterful painting, the Piazza delle Erbe, historical churches, and quaint houses form a picturesque tableau. The sight is nothing short of spectacular. But it’s not just the cityscape that tells a story.

The belfry, housing the 13th-century bells, resonates with tales of yesteryears. The Rengo, the grand bell, once signaled gatherings of the Arrengo (city council) and beckoned the army during crises. Though it stands proud now, the current bell is a successor, replacing its predecessor in 1557. On the other hand, the Marangona, echoing since 1272, marked daily rhythms—signaling fires, heralding the workday’s start and end. It too has seen changes, with the current bell taking its place in 1833.

Old Town of Verona. rooftop views of the Adige River in the background from the bell tower, Torre dei Lamberti in Verona, Italy
Old Town of Verona: rooftop views and of the Adige River in the background, from the bell tower Torre dei Lamberti in Verona, Italy

For those seeking a tip to heighten the experience: let the Lamberti Tower usher you into the evening. As the sun takes its bow, the historic skyline basks in twilight’s embrace—a sight to behold.

Now, the journey to these enchanting views? Choose between the challenge of 368 steps or the modern convenience of a transparent lift. For those opting for the latter, it’s more than a simple ride; it offers glimpses of the tower’s intricate architecture, making the ascent a visual treat in itself. Whether you’re a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, or simply seeking a bird’s-eye view, the Lamberti Tower stands as a testament to Verona’s grandeur.

Old Town Verona: views from the Lamberti Tower Verona views
Old Town Verona: views from Torre dei Lamberti, Verona
view of piazza erbe from the Lamberti Tower Verona views
view of Piazza delle Erbe from the Lamberti Tower

Practical Information for Visitors

Opening hours, ticket prices, and any seasonal variations:

The Lamberti Tower opens its doors to the public every day, with the sole exception of December 25th. Ticket prices vary depending on the season, with summer months often being slightly pricier due to the influx of tourists.

If you purchase a Verona Card, your entry to the Lamberti Tower is free, including many other attractions. Free public transport in the city is also included in the Verona Card. However, if you wish to purchase a ticket just for the Lamberti Tower, check here for the latest price.

Opening hours:

10.00 am – 6.00 pm

11.00 am – 7.00 pm

Bank Holiday
11.00 am – 7.00 pm

Last admission 45 minutes before closing

Tips for visiting

For a serene experience, consider visiting during the early morning hours or late afternoons when the crowds thin out. If accessibility is a concern, remember that while there are 368 steps to conquer, a transparent lift is available, offering both convenience and a unique perspective on the tower’s architecture.

Nearby attractions or cafes/restaurants

After descending from the tower, quench your thirst or satiate your hunger at one of the charming cafes dotting Piazza delle Erbe. For those keen on continuing their historical exploration, the Verona Arena, Juliet’s Balcony, and Palazzo della Ragione are just a short walk away.

In sum…

The Lamberti Tower is not just a tower; it’s the heartbeat of Verona, offering a unique blend of history, architecture, and unparalleled views. Each brick, every corner seemed to narrate tales of Verona’s rich tapestry of history. Missing out on this experience would be like visiting Verona and leaving its soul untouched.

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Sunset over Verona Timeless Travel Steps

Important Tips for Your Verona Trip

Here are the seven important tips for you when exploring Verona:

🏨 Book Accommodation in Advance: Verona is a popular destination, so it’s advisable to book your accommodation well in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons. This ensures you have a comfortable place to stay that suits your budget and preferences.

🌞 Consider Peak Seasons: Be mindful of peak tourist seasons, such as summer and major holidays, when Verona can get crowded. If possible, plan your visit during the shoulder seasons (spring and autumn) to enjoy pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

🚶‍♂️ Join Guided Walking Tours: To make the most of your Verona experience, consider joining guided walking tours. Knowledgeable guides can provide historical insights and take you to hidden gems you might miss on your own. READ: The BEST 9 Charming Walking Tours in Verona and choose the one for you.

🚍 Explore Surrounding Areas: While in Verona, take advantage of its strategic location to explore nearby attractions like Venice or Lake Garda. Day trips to these destinations can enhance your Italian adventure.

🎫 Verona Card: Consider getting a Verona Card, which offers free or discounted entry to many of the city’s museums and attractions such as the Verona Arena and Lamberti Tower. It can save you money and provide convenient access to Verona’s cultural heritage. Verona Card includes free public transport which means you save on €€!

🎢 Go to the largest theme park in Italy, a stone’s throw from Verona for a fun day for all the family.

🔌 Ensure you have the correct plugs, and adapters. Take some Euro currency along and figure out a suitable eSim mobile data roaming for Verona.

By following these tips, you can ensure a more enjoyable and memorable visit to Verona while making the most of your time and resources.

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