3 Best Food Tours in Verona

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Eat Your Way Through Verona | 3 Flavoursome Food and Wine Tours in Verona

Eat Your Way Through Verona | 3 Flavoursome Food and Wine Tours in Verona

Ready to taste some authentic Veronese food? If so, join one of the food tours in Verona when you visit this amazing city. In this easy guide I share three of the very best flavoursome food and wine tours in Verona, which you could opt for, including an overview of what to expect on each of the food tours in Verona.

Timeless Travel Steps BEST TIPS:

1 | Want to learn all about the city that drips in old time romance? Discover its history at every turn – hear it first-hand from a local and you are sure to want to delve deeper.

2 | Why not go a little further with our Best Seller? Discover Verona Food and Wine while seeing all the Highlights and Landmarks of the city, in half-a-day or so led by an expert.

Food tours in Verona

food tours in Verona

Verona, home to an innovative and sophisticated foodie culture is a city where you are spoilt for choice. From delicious classic dishes such as risotto al tastasal, and delicious gnocchi to mouthwatering baccalà mantecato along with local salami and cheeses. However, choices can sometimes be overwhelming. You could spend days seeking out for the delicious classic dishes or you could opt for a food tour that would take typically half a day, and use the rest of your vacation time exploring the medieval city.

Food tours in Verona are fun activities to be part of and is offered as a small group activity. Each tour mentioned in this post is distinct and offer unique experiences.

These surprisingly creative food tours in Verona offers plenty of delicious food in a variety of traditional places to eat and you get a glimpse into an amazing culinary culture. Food and places to eat are hand-picked by the local foodie expert who will be your guide throughout the tour. Starting at either morning, or afternoon, the food tours in Verona typically run for about three to three-and-half hours, with plenty of opportunities for foodie fun and to meet other people.

Recommended Timeless Experience

Are you a wine lover visiting the Wine City of Europe?

Verona is renowned for its DOC designated wines and a visit to the Valpolicella Winery is one that will prove to be a timeless experience.

An overview of What to Expect on Food Tours in Verona

food tours in Verona

The food tours in Verona takes you on a journey of discovery of the Veronese food and wine. From sweet to savoury options and delicious local wine, there is plenty to savour on this foodie tour.

Fall in love with the flavoursome Veronese cuisine as the tour introduces you to sweet pastries, Verona’s soppressa salami, Monte Veronese cheese, and regional wine, alongside Italian classics, fresh tortellini pasta. You are in for a treat, for sure.

Eat your way through the enchanting city. Your snack and stroll adventure typically begins the Italian way – an espresso and a pastry. Afterwards, visit an authentic shop for salami and homemade bread. Taste authentic bites and drinks, while you hop from one food hot spot to another.

Along with tasting some typical Italian food, the experience includes tasting some of the famous Valpolicella wines which are unique to the Veneto region. Listen to the stories behind each variety.

This culinary tour in Verona is weaved in with a cultural journey as well and takes you much further than the food and wine you try. As you stroll through the historic city, stop and admire some of Verona’s landmarks. See the Arena, Juliet balcony, Piazza Erbe and discover some of the pretty hidden streets in the city. Listen to the city’s history, and tales from a local, sometimes not found in any tour guide books.

End your rewarding culinary experience with a local dessert, ‘risino’, a traditional Veronese dessert based on rice or a delicious gelato. Your guide will also give you recommendations on cuisines and places to eat for an enhanced experience of the city of Verona.

Ensure you select the food tour that best suits you from the options below.

Reasons to book food tours in Verona

1 | Taste the best classic Italian bites;

2 | Visit several authentic Veronese food hotspot;

3 | Learn all there is about the Valpolicella varieties from a knowledgeable guide;

4 | A food tour laced with history and culture of Verona;

5 | Small group for a more engaging experience;

6 | Mobile ticketing friendly;

7 | Free cancellation. Book your food tours in Verona experience ahead of time to secure your place and avoid disappointment. Have peace of mind knowing that you can cancel for free at least 24 hours before the event due to start should your plans change.

Timeless Travel Steps Best Tips:

1 | With the Verona City Card, you will gain Priority Entry to the Verona Arena and the Lamberti Tower along with entry to museums as well as free local transportation – these and so many other benefits. Explore more and pre-purchase before travelling to Verona > Verona City Card.

2 | Book a no-hassle Private Transfer from Verona Airport to your hotel/place of stay in Verona

The 3 BEST food tours in Verona to select from

Each tour is distinct and offer unique experiences. Ensure you bring your appetite along.

food tours in Verona | timelesstravelsteps.com

Avoid the tourist traps and enjoy the best of Veronese culinary delight at 5 unique restaurants. Sample local specialities, visit a local tavern, try some fresh handmade pasta and polenta along with some local wines. Finish off your meal with ‘risino’, a local dessert. Learn about the city’s culinary history and the powerful Scaliger family.

Duration: 3 hours

From: € 82 pp (March 2022)

food tours in verona

Begin your day the Italian way with an authentic espresso and a delicious pastry. Discover the secrets of local tortellini pasta, explore the hidden streets and taste some local Valpolicella wines. This food tour in Verona includes seeing some of the landmarks in the city as you hop from food hotspot to another.

Duration: 3.5 hours

From: € 75 pp (March 2022)

Take a tasting tour of enchanting Verona. Stroll through the quaint streets, see the important landmarks and learn its history. Visit historic places to eat and wine bars. Depending on the season and time of your visit, this tour includes a trip up a funicular for a spectacular view of the wonderful city of Verona.

Duration: 3.5 to 4 hours.

From: €94.00 pp (March 2022)

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